25 bathroom upgrades, ONLY $2,500.00
The best bathroom
remodeling system in the WORLD....
25 Bathroom Upgrades...ONLY $2,500.00
What's included?
You get 25 UPGRADES to your bathroom!
1. Modern Vanity
 Choose from a selection of  over 20 modern vanities that will give life to a dead bathroom .
2. Vanity top
Is your vanity falling apart?  We have seen this many times...a great vanity and top combo is your solution to the bathroom blues .
3. Vinyl flooring
We never install the cheap stuff.  Get a good quality of flooring that will last!
4. Faucet at sink 
Choose from over 20 faucets.  Choose a single  lever or's up to you! 
5. New Low Consumption Toilet
Ok, do you like American Standard, 
6. Wall Paint
Glidden Diamond is a superb, high quality paint, but if you prefer Berh paint that will work too!
7. Crown Molding
Molding will enhance any room....are you ready!
8. New Ceiling light
Lighting is very important and can change the look and feel of any worries, it's included!
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We'll install a new toilet seat
We'll install and paint your new trim molding and your new shoe molding
We'll install a new over the sink mirror
We'll paint your bathroom ceiling
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Clients love our work, we are growing as a result!  Our goal is to remodel thousands of bathrooms....
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Client: F. Green
Project: Upgrade 1 bathroomOutcome: Mr. Green was very happy with the bathroom. It was brighten and modernized.
Special features: wainscoting was added to give the bathroom more style, chair rail was added and crown moulding installed! WOW!
Wall color: YellowTrim color: white
The best bathroom 
remodeling system in the world!
Drastically lower bathroom remodeling costs
Make sure our clients are 100% Satisfied
Offer tons of upgrades at  the same price
Include towels, and rug sets, and art for the wall
Offer a great warranty
Let our clients choose quality items to go in their bathrooms
Client: C. Jones
Location: Colonial Heights, VA  
Remodeled 1 bathroom, fix floor issues and the leaky toiletOutcome: The homeowner was very happy with the project. Lil G, a cool teenager who is the primary user of this bathroom, totally loves the upgrades.
WhiteWall Paint: Glidden Paint
Finish: Satin
Color Name: Blue Forrest
Special features: Crown molding, NEW base molding, new shoe molding
Toilet upgrade:  We removed the old toilet and installed a new American Standard low consumption toilet

Before pictures on the far right!
Check out the C. Jones project!
See the work in progress...Get a first hand view of how the project unfolded.  There are many steps that go into any remodeling project.  There is planning and material purchases, and contractors will always run into problems that were not expected...
Richmond bathroom25 project
Our clients loved it! project
Model bathroom
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Bathroom25 Commercial Project
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You Choose
"we have a large selection of toilets....
A stylish tank cover and commode base help this Glacier Bay 2-Piece Dual-Flush Elongated Toilet add some luster to your bathroom. It supplies some nice flair, especially if you have distinctive baseboards to complement it. But the real deal-sealer about this high-efficiency toilet is its water conservation, which qualifies for the EPA's WaterSense distinction. The top-mounted dual-option push buttons allow you to select a liquid-only 1 Gal. flush or a 1.28 Gal. solid flush. Either choice results in a substantial reduction of water use and likely a decrease in your water bills.
Case Study #3
Barbara and Troy
1 bathroom remodel
Location: Richmond, VA
Mission: Get it out of here! NOW!
This awesome couple came to our team to help them with their bathroom remodeling needs. They were sick and tired of their vanity and top, and they knew that they needed an upgrade in the worse way. 
Let's make some changes!
The old vanity did not go all the way to the wall on the left, it was a boring white color and it was falling apart. , there has to be a better way, we were able to show them the better way. The new cabinet took some customization but we were able to fit it in the tight space.
Style Time!
We decided on a couple of mirrors, rope trim at the edge of the back splash, and fresh paint!  We installed new base molding and shoe molding and new vinyl flooring.
This is a Raleigh bathroom25 remodeling project!
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Check out this video!
Our Stafford, Virginia clients wanted bathroom25 tile contractors to come in and make their bathroom look awesome.  This project is currently rolling along as planned.  Our pros are doing the master bathroom, hall bathroom and a downstairs half bath.  Check out this video.  
Grady J
Case Study #4
Clients: Kyle and Sonyi
Project: Remodeled 2 bathrooms in their newly purchased home
Goal: Remodel 2 bathrooms, convert a 1 of the Jack and Jill bathrooms to a full bathroom
Outcome: The homeowners were very happy with their new bathrooms. A 12x6 ceramic tile was used on the floors and a 2x6 tile was used for the surround. 
Our Founder:
"Let's deliver so much more."
My vision for is to totally redefind the way bathroom remodeling is done.  Bathroom remodeling is too expensive right now, companies do not use technology to improve the user experience and of course homeowners have to suffer.  I will put my 25+ years of remodeling experience to work for you!  Contact me today!  Get to know our clients.  Request a list of our happy clients!
Case Study #5
Client: D. Richardson
Goal: 3 bathrooms are in need of remodeling.  One of the them needs to user friendly for Mrs. Richardson's mother.  The other two bathrooms are victims of renters.  Our team is called in to make these bathrooms look beautiful.

Mrs. Richardson said, "I truly love the 2 bathrooms that Mr. Grady Jones did for me and the 1 he did at my mother's home as well."
The neighbor wanted a bathroom25 remodel too! 
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